Shel Silverstein

How Hungry is Polly 

"I'm so hungry I could eat a horse,"
Said Polly in the park.
Ol' Dobbin, grazin' nearby,
Overheard her rude remark.
He shook his mane and pawed the ground, 
He raised his noble head, 
He snorted and looked down at her, 
And this is what he said:
"I've been ridden, I've been driven,
I've been raced around a track, 
I've been photographed with little
Whiny kiddies on my back.
I've pulled wagons through the winter, 
I've pulled sleighs and I've pulled sleds,
I've pulled plows in sticky summers
With flies buzzin' 'round my head.
I've been whipped and I've been beaten,
I've been called a such-and-such— 
But to think of being eaten, 
Well, that really is too much!
And when I get insulted,
My appetite runs wild, 
And now I feel so hungry, 
I could eat a child."