Shel Silverstein

Small Zoo

The squeakin’ mouse and the honkin’ moose,
The nestin’ grouse and the ganderin’ goose,
The swingin’ monkey and the spoutin’ whale,
The kickin’ donkey and the crawlin’ snail,
The lumberin’ ox and the hoppin’ hare,
The sly ol’ fox and the big brown bear,
The snapping shark and the flyin’ loon,
The singin’ lark and the bold baboon,
The swimmin’ sole and the great gorilla,
The diggin’ mole and the armadillo,
The kangaroo and the nibblin’ rat,
The cockatoo and the the flappin’ bat,
The porcupine and the polliwog,
The jungle lion and the croakin’ frog,
The roarin’ tiger and the deer…
Ain’t here.