May Swenson

                                      TO MAKE A PLAY

                               To make a play                  people come to see
                               is to make people,             what you do.
                               to make people do             They see what they
                               what you say;                    do, and they

                               to make real people           may go away undone,
                               do and say                         You can make
                               what you make;                 people, or you
                               to make people make        can unmake. You

                               what you say real;             can do or you
                               to make real                      can undo.  People
                               people make up                you make up make up
                               and do what you               and make people;

                               make up. What you          people come to
                               make makes people          see -- to see
                               come and see                    themselves real,
                               what people do                 and they go away

                               and say, and then              and do what you
                               go away and do                say — as if  they
                               what they see —               were made up,
                               and see what                     and wore makeup.

                               they do.  Real                   To make a play
                               people do and say,            is to make
                               and you see and                people; to make
                               make up people;               people make

                                                        themselves; to 
                                                        make people
                                                        make themselves
                                                        new. So real.

spoken =Tansy Mattingly