May Swenson

Beginning to Squall A Buoy like a man in a red sou'wester is uP to the toP of its Boots in the water leaning to warn a Blue Boat that, BoBBing wand shrugging, is nodding "No" till a strong wave comes and it shivers "Yes." The white and the green Boats are quiBBling, too. What is it they don't want to do? The Bay goes on Bouncing anchor floats, their colors tennis and tangerine. Two ruffled gulls laughing are laughing gulls, a final Pair on the gray Pilings. Now the Boats are Buttoning slickers on which resemBle little tents. The Buoy is jumPing uP and down showing a Black Belt stenciled "I." A yellow Boat's last to lower sail to wraP like a Bandage around the Boom. Blades are sharPening in the water that Brightens while the sky goes duller. spoken =Tansy Mattingly