May Swenson

Let Us Prepare

to get beyond the organic
  for surely there is something else
    to which it is an impediment an opaque pod
     What if it is sight that blinds
       hearing that deafens
         touch that makes us numb?
          What if trussed in a jacket of blood
            to a rack of bone we smother
             in the dungeon of our lungs?
               Today we are in our brain
                 a laboratory
                   Must we be here
                      Are there not
                       on which to stand
                    without a head?
                   Between the belly
                  of the sun and the belly
                 of the world
                must we bounce forever
               magnetized generations of the circle?
             Let us eat nothing but darkness
            refuse our stale orbit
           and walk only in sleep
          there to descry a crack in the future
        and work to widen it
       Let us prepare to bare ourselves outside the gibbet-hood
     of the world
   without excuse of flesh or apology of blood

spoken =Dave Hoak