Charles Bukowski

poor Al

I don’t know how he does it
but every woman he meets is
he will get rid of one
crazy woman
but he never gets any
relief-another crazy moves right in
with him.

it’s only after they move in
and begin acting
more than strange
that they admit to him
that they’ve done madhouse
or that their families have
a long history of mental

his last one
he sent to a shrink
once a week:
$75 for 45 minutes.
after 7 months
she walked out on the
and said to Al,
“that god damned fag doesn’t know

I don’t know how they all find
he says you can’t tell at the first
they have their guard up
but after 2 or 3 months the
guard comes down
and there’s Al with
another one.

It got so had that Al thought
maybe it was
so he went to a shrink
and asked
and the shrink said
,“you’re one of the sanest men
I’ve ever met.”

poor Al.

that made him feel
than ever.