Charles Bukowski

let's make a deal

in conjunction with
these rivers of shit
that keep rolling through my brain, Captain
Walrus, I can only say that I hardly understand
it and would say
any number of HAIL MARYS
to put a stop to it-
I’d even go back to living with that whore with the
heart of brass just
to keep these rivers of shit from rolling through my
brain, Captain Walrus, but
of course
I would never stop playing the horses or
to keep these rivers from flowing
I’d promise to never
eat eggs again and
I’d shave my head and my balls, I’d live in
the state of Delaware and I’d even
force myself to sit through any movie acted in by
any member of the Fonda

think about it, Captain Walrus, the
plum is in the pudding and the parasol bends to
the West wind
I've got to do something about all
this . . .
it seems like it never
each man’s hell is in a different
place: mine is just up and
my ruined