Charles Bukowski

trying to make it

new jock in from Arizona
doesn’t know this town
but his agent did get him a mount
in the first race
last Saturday
and the jock took the freeway
on the same day as
the U.S.C. vs. U.C.L.A. football
and got caught
in one of the two special lanes
which took him to the Rose Bowl
instead of the race
he was forced to drive all the way
to the football game
parking lot
before he could turn
by the time he got to the track
the first race
was over.
another jock had won with his

today out there
I noticed on the program that the
new jock from Arizona
had a good mount in the 
then the horse became a late

sometimes getting started
in the big time
is tantamount to
trying to raise an erection
in a tornado
and even if you do
nobody has the time
to notice.