Charles Bukowski

nervous people

you go in for an item—take it to the clerk at the register—he
doesn’t know the price—begs leave—returns after a long
time—stares at the electronic cash register—rings up the
sale with some difficulty” $47,583.64—you don’t have it
with you - he laughs—calls for help—another clerk
arrives—after another long time he finds a new total:
$1.27. I pay—then must ask for a bag—I thank the
clerk—walk to parking with the lady I am with—“you
make people nervous,” she tells me—

we drive home with the item—we put the item to its task—it
doesn’t work—the item has a factory
“I’ll take it back,” she says—

I go to the bathroom and piss squarely in the center of the
pot—warfare is just one of the problems which besets everyone
during the life of a decent day.