Denise Levertov

The Part

In some special way every person
completes the universe. If he does
not play his part, he injures the
pattern of all existence…
     Rabbi Judah Loew 
Homer da Vinci
with freckles on your nose
don’t hang there

by the heels. 
Sad everyman, I mean
let go, or jerk

They say gooseflesh
is the body’s shudder when someone
walks over its grave-to-be,

but my hair rises
to see your living life
tamped down.

Blue mysteries
of the veronica florets
your modest attention:

there, where you live,
start over,
everyman, with
the algae of your dreams.
Man gets his daily bread
in sweat, but no one said
in daily death. Don’t eat

those nice green dollars your wife
gives you for breakfast.