Eve Ensler

Things I Heard About Sex

It’s loud and scary
My mother and father were doing it once
in the next room
I thought my mother was dying
It can kill you
It can free you
Just say no
You can say no
You won’t want to say no
It’s natural
It’s healthy
It’s evil
Boys want it more than girls
Girls want it more than boys
Guys don’t know what they’re doing
Only allowed to do it when you are making babies
My mother says it’s spiritual
I wish my mother wouldn’t say anything
Know your vagina
It’s yours
Ask questions
Practice abstinence
Get birth control
It can take you over
You can catch dirty things
Bleeding makes you want it
Bleeding is the beginning
It can ruin you
Consume you
Masturbating is important
Masturbating is illegal
Sex is only about love
Sex is another sport like gymnastics

It makes you lose weight
360 calories an hour.