Geoffrey Chaucer

    A COOK they hadde with hem for the nones
    A COOK they had with them, just for once,

To boille the chiknes with the marybones,
To boil the chickens with the marrow-bones,

And poudre-marchant tart, and galyngale.
And poudre-marchant tart and galingale.

Wel koude he knowe a draughte of London ale.
He knew how to recognize a draught of London ale.

He koude rooste, and sethe, and broille, and frye,
And he could roast and boil and broil and fry,

Maken mortreux, and wel bake a pye.
And prepare a stew, and bake a tasty pie.

But greet harm was it, as it thoughte me,
But a pity it was, it seemed to me,

That on his shyne a mormal hadde he.
That on his shin an open sore had he;

For blankmanger, that made he with the beste.
For sweet blanc-mange, he made it with the best.

spoken =Anniina Jokinen