Robert Graves

What Will Be, Is

Manifest reason glared at you and me
Thus ringed with love. Entire togetherness
Became for us the sole redress.

Together in heart, but our over-eager bodies
Distrained upon for debt, we shifted ground;
Which brought mistiming. Each cried out in turn,
And with a complementary delusion:
‘I am free; but you? Are you still bound?’

In blood the debts were paid. Hereafter
We make no truce for manifest reason
From this side of the broad and fateful stream
Where wisdom rules from her dark cave of dream
And time is corrigible by laughter.

Moon and Sun are one. Granted, they ride
Paths unconformable to the calendar,
And seldom does a New Moon coincide
With a New Year; yet we agree:
‘What will be, is’ —rejoicing at a day
Of dolphins jostling in the blue bay,
Eagles in air, and flame on every tree.