John Masefield


Dunno a heap about the what an' why,
    Can't say's I ever knowed.
Heaven to me 's a fair blue stretch of sky,
    Earth's jest a dusty road.

Dunno the names o' things, nor what they are,
    Can't say 's I ever will.
Dunno about God—He 's jest the noddin' star
    Atop the windy hill.

Dunno about Life—it s jest a tramp alone
    From wakin'-time to doss.
Dunno about Death—it s jest a quiet stone
    All over-grey wi' moss.

An' why I live, an' why the old world spins,
    Are things I never knowed;
My mark's the gypsy fires, the lonely inns,
    An' jest the dusty road.