Wilfred Owen

The Sleeping Beauty

Sojourning through a southern realm in youth, 
I came upon a house by happy chance  
Where bode a marvelous Beauty. There, romance   
Flew faerily until I lit on truth— 
For lo! the fair Child slumbered. Though, forsooth,   
She lay not blanketed in drowsy trance,  
But leapt alert of limb and keen of glance,  
From sun to shower; from gaiety to ruth;  
Yet breathed her loveliness asleep in her:   
For, when I kissed, her eyelids knew no stir.   
So back I drew tiptoe from that Princess,   
Because it was too soon, and not my part,   
To start voluptuous pulses in her heart, 
And kiss her to the world of Consciousness.