Percy Bysshe Shelley

Written on a Beautiful Day in Spring

In that strange mental wandering when to live,
To breathe, to be, is undivided joy,
When the most woe-worn wretch would cease to grieve,
When satiation’s self would fail to cloy;
When unpercipient of all other things
Than those that press around, the breathing Earth,
The gleaming sky and the fresh season’s birth,
Sensation all its wondrous rapture brings,
And to itself not once the mind recurs—
   Is it foretaste of Heaven?
So sweet as this the nerves its stirs,
   And mingling in the vital tide
     With gentle motion driven,
   Cheers the sunk spirits, lifts the languid eye,
And scattering thro’ the frame its influence wide
   Revives the spirits when they droop and die.
The frozen blood with genial beaming warms,
And to a gorgeous fly the sluggish worm transforms.