Dylan Thomas

Since, On a Quiet Night

Since, on a quiet night, I heard them talk
Who have no voices but the winds'
Of all the mystery there is in life
And all the mastery there is in death,
I have not lain an hour asleep
But troubled by their curious speech
Stealing so softly into the ears.
One says: There was a woman with no friend,
And, standing over the sea, she'd cry
Her loneliness across the empty waves
Time after time.
And every voice:
Oblivion is as loverless;
Oblivion is as loverless.
And then again: There was a child 
Upon the earth who knew no joy,
For there was no light in his eyes
And there was no light in his soul.
Oblivion is as blind.
Oblivion is as blind.
I hear them say out of the darkness.
Who have no talk but that of death.