Alfred Lord Tennyson

Sonnet to W.C. Macready

Farewell, Macready, since to-night we part;
    Full-handed thunders often have confessed
    Thy power, well-used to move the public breast.
We thank thee with our voice, and from the heart.
Farewell, Macready, since this night we part.
    Go, take thine honors home; rank with the best;
    Garrick and statelier Kemble, and the rest
Who made a nation purer through their art.
Thine is it that our drama did not die,
    Nor flicker down to brainless pantomime,
    And those gilt gauds men-children swarm to see.
Farewell, Macready; moral, grave, sublime;
Our Shakespeare’s bland and universal eye
    Dwells pleased, through twice a hundred years, on thee.

spoken = Richard Titus