A. A. Milne

Nursery Chairs

One of the chairs is South America,
     One of the chairs is a ship at sea,
One is a cage for a great big lion,
     And one is a chair for Me.THE FIRST CHAIR
When I go up the Amazon,
I stop at night and fire a gun
   To call my faithful band.
And Indians in twos and threes,
Come silently between the trees,
   And wait for me to land.
And if I do not want to play
With any Indians today
   I simply wave my hand.
And then they turn and go away-
   They always understand.THE SECOND CHAIR
I’m a great big lion in my cage,
   And I often frighten Nanny with a roar.
        Then I hold her very tight, and
      Tell her not to be so frightened-
And she doesn’t be so frightened any more.THE THIRD CHAIR
When I am in my ship, I see
   The other ships go sailing by.
A sailor leans and calls to me
   As his ship goes sailing by.
Across the sea he leans to me,
   Above the winds I hear him cry:
“Is this the way to Round-the-World?”
   He calls as he goes by.
Whenever I sit in a high chair
   For breakfast or dinner or tea,
I try to pretend that it’s my chair,
   And that I am a baby of three.Shall I go off to South America?
   Shall I put out my ship to sea?
Or get in my cage and be lions and tigers?
   Or— shall I only be Me?