Edmund Spenser

(Sonnet XV)

Ye tradefull Merchants that with weary toil,
  do seek most precious things to make your gain:
  and both the Indias of their treasures spoil,
  what needeth you to seek so far in vain?
For lo my love doth in her self contain
  all this world's riches that may far be found;
  if Sapphires, lo her eyes be Sapphires plain,
  if Rubies, lo her lips be Rubies found;
If Pearles, her teeth be pearles both pure and round;
  if Ivory, her forehead ivory ween;
  if Gold, her locks are finest gold on ground;
  if silver, her fair hands are silver sheen,
But that which fairest is, but few behold,
  her mind adorned with virtues manifold.