Old English

Caedmon’s Hymn

Northumbrian Version
Nu scylun hergan         hefaenricaes uard,
metudæs maecti           end his modgidanc,
uerc uuldurfadur,         sue he uundra gihuaes,
eci dryctin,                   or astelidæ.
He aerist scop              aelda barnum
heben til hrofe,             haleg scepen;
tha middungeard          moncynnæs uard
eci dryctin,                   æfter tiadæ
firum foldu,                  frea allmectig.

Modern English Translation
Now we should praise Heaven’s guardian,
the creator’s might and his mind’s thought,
the work of the wonder-father, how each of the wonders,
the eternal Lord, established the beginning.
He shaped for the children of men,
heaven as a roof, the Holy Creator;
then Middle-Earth mankind’s Guardian,
the eternal Lord, afterwards made,
the earth for men, the Lord almighty!