Christina Rossetti


Cherry-red her mouth was,
   Morning-blue her eye,
Lady-slim her little waist
   Rounded prettily;
And her sweet smile of gladness
    Made every heart rejoice;
But sweeter even than her smile
   The tones were of her voice.

Sometimes she spoke, sometimes she sang;
   And evermore the sound
Floated, a dreamy melody,
   Upon the air around;
As tho’ a wind were singing
   Far up beside the sun,
Till sound and warmth and glory
   Were blended all in one.

Her hair was long and golden,
   And clustered unconfined
Over a forehead high and white
   That spoke a noble mind.
Her little hand, her little foot
   Were ready evermore
To hurry forth to meet a friend;
   She smiling at the door.

But if she sang, or if she spoke,
   ’Twas music soft and grand, 
As tho’ a distant singing sea
   Broke on a tuneful strand;
As tho’ a blessed Angel
   Were singing a glad song,
Half way between the earth and Heaven
   Joyfully borne along.