Mulla Nasrudin

The King spoke to me

   Nasrudin returned to the village from the imperial
capital, and the citizens gathered around him to
hear what he had to say.
   ‘I shall be brief,’ said Nasrudin, ‘and confine my remarks
on this occasion simply to the statement that my greatest
moment was when the King spoke to me.’
   Overcome with wonder and staggered by the reflected glory,
most of the people fell back, and went on their way to discuss
this wonderful happening.
   The least sophisticated peasant of all hung back, and asked:
   ‘What did his Majesty say?’
   ‘I was standing outside the palace when he came out, and he
said to me, quite clearly, for anyone to hear: ‘Get out of my
   The simpleton was satisfied. He had now, with his own ears,
heard words which had actually been used by a king.