Mulla Nasrudin

Nosebags and donkeys

   ‘Here is Nasrudin,’ said someone in the teahouse
during a philosophical discussion. ‘Let’s ask him
a difficult question.’
   ‘But all he knows about is donkeys.’ said another.
   ‘There is philosophy in donkeys,’ said the Mulla, hearing the
word as he entered.
   ‘All right, Nasrudin,’ said the baker, ‘answer us this one:
What came first, donkeys or nosebags?’
   ‘Simple. Nosebags,’ said the Mulla without hesitation.
   ‘But that is ridiculous!’
   ‘Prove it!’
   ‘Well…a donkey can recognize a nosebag, but a nosebag
can’t recognize a donkey.’
   ‘I presume that you have the assurance of a nosebag’, said
Nasrudin, ‘that it cannot recognize a donkey?’