Mulla Nasrudin

The Secret

   Nasrudin looked over a wall and saw a magnificent lawn, soft and
green as finest velvet. He called to the gardener who was watering 
   ‘What is the secret of making a lawn like this?’
   ‘No secret,’ said the gardener. ‘I don’t mind telling you, if you
climb down here.’
   ‘Marvelous,’ said the Mulla, scrambling down beside him. ‘I’ll make 
one for myself, and turn my whole garden into a lawn like this.’
   ‘The method,’ said the gardener, ‘is merely to plant a lawn, remove
the weeds, and keep it flat and smooth, cutting the grass frequently.’
   ‘I can do all that! How long does it take it to get into this condition?’
   ‘About eight hundred years.’
   ‘I like the outlook from my window — without grass — anyway,’
said Nasrudin.