Mulla Nasrudin

Not as easy as it seems

   A widow came to the Mulla’s court and said: ‘I am very
poor. My young son eats a great deal of sugar: in fact he 
is addicted to it. This means that I cannot make ends meet.
Would the Court forbid him to eat sugar, because I cannot
myself enforce this request?’
   ‘Madam,’ said the Mulla, ‘this problem is not as easy as 
it seems. Return in a week and the decision will be given, 
after I have examined the case more thoroughly.’
   After a week the woman’s name was again on the list
of supplicants.
   ‘I am sorry,’ Nasrudin said to her when her turn came, 
‘there will be another adjournment of this very tricky case
until next week.’
   The same thing happened for the following fortnight. At
length Nasrudin announced: ‘The Court will now give its
injunction. Call the lad.’
   The young man was brought before the Mulla.
   ‘Boy!’ thundered the magistrate. ‘You are forbidden to
eat sugar, except for half an ounce a day.’
   The woman now expressed her thanks to the Mulla, and
begged leave to ask one question.
   ‘Say on,’ said Nasrudin.
   ‘Your Worship, I am mystified as to why you did not 
forbid the boy to eat sugar at any of the earlier hearings.’
   ‘Well,’ said Nasrudin, ‘I had to get myself out of the
habit first, didn’t I? How could I know that it would take
so long?’