Mulla Nasrudin

What is to be

    A farmer asked Nasrudin whether his olives would bear in that year.
   ‘They will bear,’ said the Mulla.
   ‘How do you know?’
   ‘I just know, that is all.’
   Later the same man saw Nasrudin trotting his donkey along the seashore,
looking for driftwood.
   ‘There is no wood here, Mulla, I have looked,’ he called out.
    Hours later the same man saw Nasrudin wending his way home, tired out,
still without field.
   ‘You are a man of perception, who can tell whether an olive tree will bear
or not. Why can’t you tell whether there is wood on a seashore?’
   ‘I know what must be,’ said Nasrudin, ‘but I do not know what may be.’