Mulla Nasrudin

Take no chance

   A theologian was ill. He had heard that Nasrudin was a mystic;
and in his semi-delirium convinced himself that there might be 
something in all this, after all. So he sent for the Mullah.
   ‘Prescribe a prayer which can ease me into the other world,
Mulla,’ he said, ‘for you have a reputation of being in commun-
ication with another dimension.’
   ‘Delighted,’ said Nasrudin, ‘Here you are: “God help me - 
Devil help me!’’’
   Forgetting his infirmity the divine sat bolt upright, scandalized.
   ‘Mulla, you must be insane!’
   ‘Not at all, my dear fellow. A man in your position cannot 
afford to take chances. When he sees two alternatives, he should
try to provide for either of them working out.’