Mulla Nasrudin

Ask me another

   ‘According to the general opinion of the uninitiated,’ mused
Nasrudin, as he walked along the road, ‘dervishes are mad. Ac-
cording to the sages, however, they are the true masters of the
world. I would like to test one, and myself, to make sure.’
   Then he saw a tall figure, robed like an Akldan dervish —
reputed to be exceptionally enlightened men — coming towards
   ‘Friend,’ said the Mulla, ‘I want to perform an experiment, to 
test your powers of psychic penetration, and also my sanity.’
   ‘Proceed,’ said the Akldan.
   Nasrudin made a sudden sweeping motion with his arm, then
clenched his fist. ‘What have I in my hand?’
   ‘A horse, chariot, and driver,’ said the Akldan immediately.
   ‘That’s no real test,’ — Nasrudin was petulant — 'because you
saw me pick them up.’