Mulla Nasrudin

The Yogi, the Priest and the Sufi

Nasrudin put on a Sufi robe and decided to make a pious journey. 
On his way he met a priest and a yogi, and they decided to team up 
together. When they got to a village the others asked him to seek 
donations while they carried out their devotions. Nasrudin collected 
some money and bought halwa with it.
   He suggested that they divide the food, but the others, who were 
not yet hungry enough, said that it should be postponed until night.  
They continued on their way; and when night fell Nasrudin asked for 
the first portion ‘because I was the means of getting the food.’ The 
others disagreed: the priest on the grounds that he represented a prop-
erly organized hierarchical body, and should therefore have preference; 
the yogi because, he said, he ate only once in three days and should 
therefore have more.
   Finally they decided to sleep. In the morning, the one who related 
the best dream should have first choice of the halwa.
   In the morning the priest said: ‘In my dreams I saw the founder of  
my religion, who made a sign of benediction, singling me out as 
especially blessed.’
   The others were impressed, but the Yogi said: ‘I dreamt that I 
visited Nirvana, and was utterly absorbed into nothing.’
   They turned to the Mulla. ‘I dreamt that I saw the Sufi teacher
Khidr, who appears only to the most sanctified.’
   ‘He said: “Nasrudin, eat the halwa - now!” And, of course, I had
to obey.’