Mulla Nasrudin

Dry in the rain

   A man invited Nasrudin to go hunting with him, but mounted him on a horse
which was too slow. The Mulla said nothing. Soon the hunt outpaced him and
was out of sight. It began to rain heavily, and there was no shelter. All the members 
of the hunt got soaked through. Nasrudin, however, as soon as the rain started, 
took off all his clothes and folded them. Then he sat down on the pile. As soon as 
the rain stopped, he dressed himself and went back to his host’s house for lunch. 
Nobody could work out why he was dry. With all the speed of their horses they had 
not been able to reach shelter on that plain.
   ‘It was the horse you gave me.’ said Nasrudin.
   The next day he was given a fast horse and his host took the slow one. Rain fell 
again. The horse was so slow that the host got wetter than ever, riding at a snail’s 
pace to his house. Nasrudin carried out the same procedure as before.
   When he got back to the house he was dry.
   ‘It is all your fault!’ shouted his host. ‘You made me ride this terrible horse.’
   ‘Perhaps, said Nasrudin, ‘you did not contribute anything of your own to the 
problem of keeping dry?’