Mulla Nasrudin

The roles of Man

  ‘Brother,’ said Mulla Nasrudin to a neighbor. ‘I am collecting
to pay the debt of a poor man who cannot meet his obligations.’
   ‘Very laudable, said the other, and gave him a coin. ‘Who is
this person?’
   ‘Me,’ said Nasrudin, as he hurried away.
   A few weeks later he was at the door again.
   ‘I suppose you are calling about a debt,’ said the now-cynical
   ‘I am.’
   ‘I suppose someone can’t pay a debt, and you want a contribution?’
   ‘That is so.’
   I suppose it is you who owe the money?’
   ‘Not this time.’
   ‘Well, I am glad to hear it. Take this contribution.’
   Nasrudin pocketed the money.
   ‘Just one thing, Mulla. What prompts your humanitarian sentiments
in this particular case?’
   ‘Ah, you see…I am the creditor!’