Mulla Nasrudin

Both, Your Majesty!

   Nasrudin was not sure about court etiquette, and yet he 
was among the notables who would have to be received by 
the Sultan when he visited the locality.
   An equerry quickly briefed him. The King would ask him 
how long he had been living there, how long he had studied 
to become a Mulla, and whether he was happy about the 
taxation and spiritual welfare of the people.
   He memorized his answers: but they started in another order.
   ‘How long have you studied?’
   ‘Thirty-five years.’
   ‘How old are you, then?’
   ‘Twelve years.’
   ‘This is impossible! Which of us is mad?’
   ‘Both, your Majesty.’
   ‘You call me mad. like you?’
   ‘Of course we are mad, but in a different way, your Majesty!’