Mulla Nasrudin

Whose servant am I?

   Mulla Nasrudin had become a favorite at Court. He used his position
to show up the methods of courtiers.
   One day the King was exceptionally hungry. Some aubergines had 
been so deliciously cooked that he told the palace chef to serve them
every day.
   ‘Are they not the best vegetables in the world, Mulla?’ he asked
   ‘The very best, Majesty.’
   Five days later, when the aubergines had been served for the tenth
meal in succession, the King roared: ‘Take these things away! I HATE
   ‘They are the worst vegetables in the world, Majesty,’ agreed Nasrudin.
‘But Mulla, less than a week ago you said that they were the very best.’
   ‘I did. But I am the servant of the King, not of the vegetable.’