Leon Fernandez


Sapphire throned goddess of Wisdom,
Diademed bride, hear my plea.
Loose merciful passion upon me,
                     Mistress solemn.
Plumb the deeps of my heart and being.
Sound the wholeness of my soul
To test and try from pole to pole
                     Her power of wing.
Your serpentine rings shine forth and glow
From thunderhead that Muses raise
With levin’s javelin of praise,
                     To forkéd show
The treasure shrouded neath lazuli vault,
Yearning for questors that boldly earn
All dower of lore and heartfelt learn
                      The art of assault
Make me privy to stars of war
To whom pray mages with all mind
And memory, sages who find
                      Signs from of yore.
Welcome my courtly gratitude.
My gravid sighs and gaiety
That chivalrous serve your majesty
                       In ample mood,
To gracious voice all merriment
And melancholy. Touch with wonder
And wickedness of serried thunder
                       Those innocent
Of guile, their diamond clarity
From glacial lakes that gush in stream
To lowland sward and shore, where dream
                        Nymphs by the sea.