The School Bag

Will Ye No Come Back Again?

Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne

Will ye no come back again?
Will ye no come back again?
Better lo’ed ye canna be,
Will ye no come back again?

Bonnie Charlie’s now awa’,
    Safely owre the friendly main;
Mony a heart will break in twa,
    Should he ne’er come back again.

Ye trusted in your Hieland men,
    They trusted you, dear Charlie;        
They kent you hiding in the glen,
    Your cleadin’ was but barely.
English bribes were a’ in vain;
    An’ e’en though puirer we may be,
Siller canna buy the heart
    That beats aye for thine and thee.       

We watched thee in the gloaming hour,    
    We watched thee in the morning gray;
Though thirty thousand pounds they’d gie,
    Oh there is nane that wad betray.

Sweet’s the laverock’s note and lang,
    Lilting wildly up the glen;
But aye to me he sings ae sang,     
    Will ye no come back again? 

Scotland pub. 1846