The School Bag

The Wind


Make out who this is:
Form before the Flood,
Powerful creature,
Fleshless and boneless,
Nerveless and bloodless,
Headless and footless,
No older, no younger,
Then when he began;
He is not put off
By terror or death;
He's never unneeded
By any creature
(Great God, so holy,
What was his origin?
Great are His wonders,
The Man who made him);
He's in field, he’s in wood,
Handless and footless,
Ageless, sorrowless,
Foreever hurtless;
And he’s the same age
As the five epochs;
and he is older
Than many times fifty;
And he is as broad
As the earth’s surface;
And he was not born,
And he is not seen,
On sea and on land
He sees not, unseen;
He’s unreliable,
Will not come when wanted;
On land and on sea
He’s indispensable;
He is unyielding,
He’s beyond compare;
From the four corners
He’ll not be fought with;
He springs from a nook
Above the sea-cliff;
He’s roaring, he’s hushed,
He has no manners,
He’s savage, he’s bold;
When he goes cross-country
He’s hushed, he’s roaring,
He is boisterous, The loudest of shouts
On the face of the earth;
He’s good, he’s wicked;
He is in hiding,
He is on display,
For no eyes see him;
He is here, he is there;
He hurls things about,
He pays no damages,
He makes no amends,
And he is blameless;
He is wet, he is dry,
He comes quite often,
One Man fashioned them,
All created things,
His the beginning,
And His is the end.   Welsh - 10th century - translated by Joseph P. Clancy