The School Bag

Seven Sisters

J.T. ‘Funny Paper’ Smith

They tell me Seven Sisters in New Orleans, that can really fix a man 
   up right
And I'm headed for New Orleans, Louisiana, I'm travelin' both day 
   and night.
I hear them say the oldest Sister look like she's just twenty-one
And said she can look right in your eyes and tell you exactly what 
   you want done.
They tell me they've been hung, been bled, and been crucified
But I just want enough help to stand on the water and rule the tide.
It's bound to be Seven Sisters 'cause I've heard it by everybody else
‘Course, I'd love to take their word, but I'd rather go and see for 
When I leave the Seven Sisters I’m piling stones all around
And go to my baby and tell her there's another Seven-Sister man in 
Good mornin’ Seven Sisters, just thought I'd come down and see
Will you build me up where I'm torn down and make me strong 
   where I'm weak?
I went to New Orleans, Louisiana, just on account of something 
   I heard
The Seven Sisters told me everything I wanted to know, and they 
    wouldn't let me speak a word.
Now it's Sarah, Minnie, Bertha, Holly, Dolly, Betty and Jane —
You can't know them sisters apart because they all looks just 
   the same.

The Seven Sisters sent me away happy, 'round the corner I met 
    another little girl;
She looked at me and smiled, and said: Go devil and destroy 
    the world.
[Spoken: I'm gonna destroy it, too…I’m all right now.]
Seven times a year the Seven Sisters, will visit me in my sleep
And they said I won't have no trouble, and said I'll live twelve 
   days in a week.
Boy go down in Louisiana, and get the lead right outta your being,
If these Seven Sisters can’t do anything in Louisiana, bet you'll have to go 
   to New Orleans.