The School Bag

'Ship-broken men whom stormy
seas sore toss'

William Fowler

Ship-broken men whom stormy seas sore toss
Protests with oaths not to adventure more;
Bot all their perils, promises, and loss
They quite forget when they come to the shore:
Even so, fair dame, whiles sadly I deplore
The shipwreck of my wits procured by you,
Your looks rekindleth love as of before,
and dois revive which I did disallow,
And buries in oblivion’s grave, but groans;
Yea, I forgive, hereafter, even as now
My fears, my tears, my cares, my sobs, and moans,
In hopes if anes I be to shipwreck driven,                        once
Ye will me thole to anchor in your heaven.                      allow

Scottish - Late 16th/early 17th century