The School Bag

‘General wonder in our land’


General wonder in our land
And general consternation;
General gale on Bantry strand,
For general preservation.

General rich he shook with awe
At general insurrection;
General poor his sword did draw,
With general disaffection.

General blood was just at hand,
As General Hoche appeared;
General woe fled through our land,
As general want was feared.

General gale our fears dispersed,
He conquered general dread;
General joy each heart has swelled,
As General Hoche has fled.

General love no blood has shed,
He left us general ease,
General horror he has fled,
Let God get general praise.

To that great General of the skies,
That set us general gale,
With general love our voices rise
In one great general peal.             

Irish c. 1798