Ina Coolbrith

In the Orchard

Tent me within your cool, leaf-latticed house.
Pomegranate bough! 
A carpet, sown with blossom-rubies, spread, 
A queen might tread.
Toss your pink-petal banners to the breeze, 
Bloom of the almond trees; 
Tide to and fro
In seas of fragrances, 
Peach blow and apple-snow-
Of every blossoming thing I am a part
Since love is at my heart.

They are talking very busily, the birds, 
With such soft words
And sudden just-can’t-help-it bursts of song, 
The nesting leaves among! 
Listen, that trill and tone! 
Was ever such ecstatic rapture known? 
Ah, sweethearts! Yet a moment pause, I pray-
I know what you say, 
Since love is mine today.