Jack Ross Knutson

Somewhere off Florida the Unknown Color of Skin

1963, the Marine Sulphur, an overage T-2 sank `somewhere off Florida`
All that was found were life jackets with `various tears` on them
The Coast Guard determined: "The tears indicated attack by predatory fish"
Colors remaining were the azure blue of the sea
The International Orange of the life jackets
The yellow-white of the kapok life jacket stuffing
And the fabric stained of red 

In 1978, the Transchamplain, an overage T-2, somewhere off Guam 
Dead in the water was bringing on water
The lifeboats with various problems, were non-functional
Around the ship swam hammerhead sharks
Their heads angrily thrashing the sea
I remember their color
It seemed a gray navy blue

What were the sailors’ skin colors?
The Color of Blood

The wanderings of my mind, never mind my heart never end
One thing sure, is that the only news is that there was no news 
Is an ignored obvious fact
But the blood in my veins trickles over my rock heart
An utterance spoken each echo instant 
I finally welcomed the symphony that only the deaf can hear
Something I have been ignoring all my skin muted life