Jack Ross Knutson

Admiral Aardvark Sails the Sea

Admiral Aardvark on a horse Cashew 
Bravely sails the ocean blue
His helmet stars pulled from the sky 
Shines from his head like a butterfly 
His boat an ark, no small canoe
Full of animals just like a zoo
His favorite meal a bowl of ants
His tail lassos around his pants
With golden buckle and telescope
He keeps special magic in an envelope
Like Noah he built an ark
To sail the world with adventurous lark 
Through childhood’s rainy day window sails he 
Against a gale of orchids with serenity
Till he rests at night quiet and secure
In his bed under the covers kissed secure
By his Mom and Dad in warm burrow
To sleep secure until tomorrow
And when the wind blows through the sunlit shadows 
Through our pockets, sleeves and moonlit meadows
We can be just like Admiral Aardvark throughout our day 
With happy adventures as our lifetime way