Jack Ross Knutson

If I Were an Ostrich

If I were an ostrich I’d be ten feet tall
That’s so high it wouldn’t bother me I couldn’t fly at all 
And I could run so fast that when I zoomed by
People would think it’s a plane I fly
My feet are so big I’d never fall down
And if I did you still wouldn’t hear a sound
Because my feathers would be so soft and light
And I would sleep like a baby when I went to bed at night 
With my legs and neck so spindly and long
I look like a walking pincushion
I could lay an egg so big and oblong
You’d think it came shooting out of a cannon
I might be silly and stick my head in the sand
For a quick vacation to never never land
Or walk so funny with my neck like a spring
My head would bob and go ding-a-ling