Jack Ross Knutson

I’d Rather Be a Rhinoceros

Now a rhinoceros can be quite monstrosterous
In fact my size and shape are quite preposterous 
With my head like a box and the horn on my nose 
Why it’s so long I can clean my stubby toes
For a rhinoceros lady
It is hard to be dainty
When you’re three thousand pounds heavy and weighty
I try to be quiet when I walk through the bush
But it’s like asking an avalanche to try to keep hush
When I go shopping they must never ask “charge?”
That last word gets me excited, look out for my barrage 
There’s a little bird who lives on my back
Just when he’s home I can never keep track
But when he’s eating his dinner I am sure of that
Because it’s from my hide that he pulls and picks
So many insects, especially the ticks
He keeps me informed by whispering in my ear
So I am never surprised and have nothing to fear
Though I am always honest, truthful and that’s good I know 
till the best name for a rhinoceros is Pinocchio