Jack Ross Knutson

Mr. And Mrs. Lion Over for Dinner

The lions are called the king of beasts
And love to sit down for a carnivorous feast
They are yellow-orange in color and dressed so neat 
Mr. with his mane and Mrs. so sleek
Look out in the jungle because if they hear you speak 
They might take you as their fresh lunchmeat
If you have them over for dinner you better be sure 
Its not tofu and vegetables that is all you serve
They might look at you with a longing eye
And decide you would taste better than the apple pie 
Both Mr. and Mrs. when they open their mouth 
Show long sharp teeth that seem to yell ouch
They both growl so fierce and roar so loud
You know there’s something of which they’re proud 
But exactly what I won’t stay to find out
I have heard enough of their vociferous shout