Jack Ross Knutson

Crocodile Smile

I’m a green scaly crocodile
I believe you’ll like my friendly smile
My teeth are ragged and stick out funny
There are so many of them and none of them gummy 
And I love to swim when it is sunny
You might think I need an orthodontist to give me braces
 But I doubt if you’d find one who had the good graces 
To step near my jaw and say “open wide”
Which I would gladly do and have him climb inside
Anyway I wouldn’t feel silly with those metallic masses
On my thousand teeth shining so I would need sun glasses 
It’s true I’d never have a problem with my appetite
I’d love to go to the dentist and hear him say “bite!”
My jaws would snap and my stomach would grow
When the nurse came back she’d say, “Where did he go?” 
I would reply so politely, “If you’d like to know”
Take a look in my mouth and you I will show!