Jack Ross Knutson

A Tiger Named Kitten

If I had a tiger I’d name her Kitten
In fact I’d get two and name the other one Mitten
If you came for a visit I don’t think you’d miss them 
As they took a stroll throughout the kitchen
The bowl must be large when I served them milk 
When I petted their coat it would feel just like silk 
When they got hungry they might give me a look 
That I know I must hurry and have something to cook 
When their purrs turned to a cat hungry growl
I just might be moved to let out a howl
Their cat’s glass-marble shining eyes
Has expression that makes them seem so wise 
When they scratch at the air with their prickly claws 
I might decide to climb the walls
Their orange fur with stripes so black
Might cause me to feel like a heart attack
When the tiger jumped from the floor through the air 
I would do the same without a dare