Jack Ross Knutson

Licorice Zebra

The zebra with her stripes that twirl 
Remind me of a licorice candy swirl
Round and round they circle and go
Twirl again, swirl again like a peppermint pole
Where they stop no one can exactly know
As they run faster and faster until they slow
Where they combine at her tail like a bulb aglow
The white seems like nougat creme
The black is licorice style praline
This is why the zebra is my favorite horse
Though I’d never want to eat one most surely of course 
The mane on her back like a barber’s brush
Makes me want to hold and ride, just hear me say mush 
Though the stripes might remind one of a prison
With their sleekness of such precision
There is nothing really quite so free
As a zebra horse running along with me