Jack Ross Knutson

Boa Constrictor

This morning I went in my backyard to play
All the bushes and trees seemed a jungle that day 
A warm wind gently rustled the leaves
The flowers smiled and so did the weeds
The sun peeked from behind a cloud
I heard a slither, not very loud
I stuck my hand in the grass to grope
And felt something scaly that looked like a rope
It seemed so heavy and thick
Strong enough to tie up a ship
A head like an arrow stuck out a tongue
I shrieked then it said, “I’m just having fun”
“I’m sorry” the snake said, “Pardon me”
“But my tongue partly helps me to smell and see 
From a tree I might hang like a wiggly vine
Or tickle your feet and tingle your spine
Or explore your garden and look like a hose
But I’m sad if I scare everyone I suppose
Though I am a snake, a Boa Constrictor, to be sure 
My terms of affection I have to aver
Please don’t run and give me the shrug
Come here and let me give you a hug!”